Episode #8 - STMWT [fb]

[Start the Morning with Steve] Episode #8 – Patience and Payments – What?

I'm 8 episodes in with “Start the Morning with Steve” and I'm happy to be doing it.

In truth, so many good ideas never get to see the light of day because people don't TAKE ACTION.

If I had a dollar for every time someone in the IM niche would beg people to just “take action” with what they just bought, I could afford a LOT of $7 BSOs.

As it it, today I'm dealing with an offer that I'm looking to buy, but it's got an annual payment.


I've got support issues with 2 different products, and I have to learn about being patient since most of the time I just want answers right away… at “Google Speed.”

Guess what?  Doesn't always work that way my friend…

So… click below to watch today's episode…  Enjoy!

[s3vpp id=9dc4b03beede46d731637af83619699c]

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