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Shopify is NOT as EASY as they tell you it is!

Shopify is not easy.  And it doesn't matter what those people selling Shopify as a platform tell you.  It's not easy.

But that's the reality of Shopify.  It's the platform for all sorts of people.

If you are selling an e-com course, Shopify is the easiest way to get people to try to start selling stuff, and in the process you can make a bunch of money as an affiliate for Shopify.

And that's the catch.


The Shopify “Catch”

Shopify, in some ways, is a bit of a MLM.

Plus, when you buy into Shopify, as easy as it may sound, there is not enough functionality in it “as-is.”

You have to add in plugins and apps that are offered in the “Shopify App Store.”

So after you just put down some money to get Shopify, you need to put down some MORE money to get apps added to your store as well.

The apps, they give you extra functions.

But most of them cost money, monthly money in fact.

So all of a sudden you are paying more and more each month as you add apps.

And you better hope that you start making money soon, because if not, you are slowly losing more and more money monthly with no end in sight.


The Shopify “See-Saw”

Now here's a beautiful irony.  You see, Shopify can be sold one of two ways.

It's either the “easy solution” or the “difficult problem.”

Most times when someone is selling you an e-com course, they want you sign-up with Shopify (through their link, of course).  You do get a free trial of maybe either 14 or 21 days, but is that enough time to actually figure out if Shopify works for you?

Well, according to most e-com course sellers, yes, you can figure it out and start making money even before you finish your free trail.

However the reality is different for most people.

Most people don't even figure it out a month into their regular paying membership, and that just ends up costing them money for learning a platform.

But if someone is selling an e-com course or product and it doesn't involve Shopify, then all of a sudden these people are telling you how HARD Shopify is to learn.

Here's an example of two testimonials I found on a salespage for a product that offers an e-com tool that doesn't need Shopify.

Testimonial #1

Testimonial #2


So according to these testimonials, it takes WEEKS to get your store set-up and ready to go.  Of course, these are from a product that doesn't want you to sign-up for Shopify.

However, if a product is wanting you to get Shopify in order to use it, they will most surely NEVER put testimonials up like the 2 above.  Not in a million years.


The Shopify Takeaway

I wanted to make you think today.  About Shopify and of course about how you listen to people who recommend products that they want you to buy and use.

Shopify is NOT EASY, that much I believe to be true.

But it's sold as a “newbie” solution to e-com, and that's a bit deceptive if you ask me.

It's probably a good tool for what it is, but here's the thing.

The initial pricing is LOW to make you OK with signing up.  But you quickly find yourself having to add more apps and plugins to your store to make it work correctly.

And then the monthly fee gets larger and larger.

And the store gets more complicated.

So be careful when you start looking into an e-com course or product that wants you to either buy or ignore Shopify.

Before you continue, try to figure out WHY they are telling you what they are, and if their motives are sincere or self-serving.

You're welcome…

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