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One man’s gold is another man’s crap [Time to check your mindset]

You may NOT want to hear this… but you most surely NEED to!

Here it is:

Your mindset is what will make you succeed or fail in this whole “IM thing” that we try to do…

… and YOU are the reason you either fail or succeed.

You can spend $7 every day buying someone else's crap product..

… or buy a $700 “training program” on how to succeed in IM

But in the end, it doesn't matter…

It's not about the money or the products or the training or whoever “made money off you”…



So I promoted 2 products recently, one a Facebook training course and another was a wordpress theme.  Many people bought either one or both of those products this past week.  Good for you.  I think the theme is actually very good for creating niche pages, and the training is something created by a guy who has had some good success and was sharing his insights.

To be clear, I usually promote stuff I believe in and have tried and/or bought, and I try to do my best to not just do a blind recommendation on a product I know nothing about.

However, there were a couple of people who bought the Facebook training product this week who have already refunded it, which is their right, but I'm curious why they did.  I actually bought the FE product and watched it all, and while it's not the typical 50 videos of training for under 10 bucks that a lot of people do to “overdeliver”, it had enough good content and some nice “nuggets” that I felt it was a worthwhile purchase if you wanted to give Facebook pages a try.

So I get this email from a customer who bought the Facebook training:

“I purchased this offer last night for my daughter and to me, it looks like you didn't check the videos 
before recommending it to a loyal follower and buyer like me.
The front end is just an intro to the real course which is selling for $67.00
The sales letter is very misleading as it shows income from Jvzoo and there's no such thing as he is monetizing with Amazon.
You will not be making 50% from the OTO as I will not be buying it.
If you claim that you bought it yourself, make sure you go over the crap before recommending it.”

You can't please all the people all the time.  One man's crap is another man's gold.  But I never thought the FE was crap.  It might not be the 50 video course that gives you everything for $12, but it is solid training that gets you started in the right direction.
If you are going to play in the IM niche, be prepared for upsells.  The price of buying an “entire” product may not always be just a few bucks.  And the truth is that part of the whole reason some people are successful in this niche is that they are always giving people a “reason to buy something.”
I stand by my recommendation for the Facebook training.
If you want to succeed, find the right mindset, the one that works for you.
No one can make you successful.  In the end, it's you and you alone who are at the forefront of that event.
Now I'm going to have a cup of coffee and a pastry to calm down a bit after having written all this.
P.S.  This is the training that I'm talking about.  The price has increased but it's still worth a look if you think it's something you want to try and succeed at.
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