MXL 440 Studio Microphone Review

[Microphone Review] MXL 440 Studio Condenser Microphone

Most of the microphones that I use for my voice-over work are USB microphones.  This means that they connect to my computer using a USB cable, which makes them easy to use since I don't have to use a mixer or another kind of adapter to make them work with my computer.

But sometimes, I like to pick up a “regular” microphone, which, in this case, is a microphone that is NOT a USB connecting microphone.


Firstly, for a change of pace.

There is a certain ceiling for the quality of sound that you can get using USB microphones.  There usually are some trade-offs you have to make for the convenience of having a USB microphone, and that's usually with the sound quality.

I truly LOVE my USB mic (a Blue Yeti) and I use it almost every day.

But even it has some things about it I don't like.

So the microphone that I purchased today (and as of posting this review, I'm still waiting for it to arrive) is the MXL 440 Studio Condenser Microphone.  I just happened to see it on special sale (actually, the Amazon price matched the price of where I bought it) and since I was already buying something today (a step-up ring for one of my video cameras), I decided to just pick up this microphone as well.

Didn't really overthink it.  Just googled for a review of it, and I found this very nice video review.  Have a look…

So in this video you do get a chance to hear what the microphone sounds like, and I like it.

There is more involved in using this type of microphone with your computer.  And if I'm being honest, this is NOT the microphone I would recommend for a first-time microphone buyer.

However, if you are looking for another option and you are looking to keep it well under $100, this is one to check out.

Check It Out Here

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    • Brooke
    • November 15, 2019

    What microphone would you recommend for a novice who cares about quality and is on a tight budget?

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