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[IMSteveChase Podcast] Episode #1 – Hello, welcome and here we go…!

In this first episode ever of the IMSteveChase podcast, I'll talk about why a podcast, the perils of distractions, how to deal with scheduling and planning, and a possible recipe for how to wake up in the morning without feeling super stressed out.

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    Awesome podcast for your inaugural event for your new site. Really enjoyed it and can relate to distractions as I do have those myself being a part timer IM guy.

      • Steve
      • May 4, 2018

      Hey Steve,
      Thanks for the comment. Yup, juggling IM with other things really does bring up some challenges with distractions and being able to focus on projects long enough to finish them up and move on to the next project. Sometimes you end up with too many “open loops” and not enough “closed cases.”

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    Hey Steve, great 1st podcast, took me a while to get here. Congrats and much success!

      • Steve
      • May 8, 2018

      Thanks Bob! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.

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