Episode #8 - STMWT [fb]

[Start the Morning with Steve] Episode #8 – Patience and Payments – What?

I’m 8 episodes in with “Start the Morning with Steve” and I’m happy to be doing it. In truth, so many good ideas never get to see the light of day because people don’t TAKE ACTION. If I had a dollar for every time someone in the IM niche would beg people to just “take […]

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Episode #7 - STMWT [fb]

[Start The Morning With Steve] Episode #7 – True Scarcity and Email Unsubs – Get Over It!

It’s Tuesday, and the week is progressing nicely. Arun’s PLR Launch ends this morning, well, actually his “discount” ends today.  And so do my bonuses. Watch today while I drink coffee and chat about true scarcity and why having people unsubscribe from your email list is NOT the end of the world… Click the GIF […]

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Episode #6 - STMWT [fb]

[Start The Morning With Steve] Episode #6 – Happy Labor Day… plus the 30-day rule

Happy Labor Day 2018 to all my US friends! Also, let’s talk about habits and my 30-day rule. It’s something that I created a while back when I noticed something that everyone was doing and it was driving me crazy! Actually I was doing it too… still am some times… but still, like any good […]

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Episode #5 - STMWT

[Start The Morning With Steve] Episode #5 – Mindset and Focus

In today’s episode I want to discuss some thought about mindset and focus.  Sexy things to talk about, but not as sexy when you actually have to do them. I spent most of yesterday working on voice-overs even though I had other things on my mind.  My mindset was to focus on the task at […]

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Shopify - 1200x630

Shopify is NOT as EASY as they tell you it is!

Shopify is not easy.  And it doesn’t matter what those people selling Shopify as a platform tell you.  It’s not easy. But that’s the reality of Shopify.  It’s the platform for all sorts of people. If you are selling an e-com course, Shopify is the easiest way to get people to try to start selling […]

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MXL 440 Studio Microphone Review

[Microphone Review] MXL 440 Studio Condenser Microphone

Most of the microphones that I use for my voice-over work are USB microphones.  This means that they connect to my computer using a USB cable, which makes them easy to use since I don’t have to use a mixer or another kind of adapter to make them work with my computer. But sometimes, I […]

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baby sad

One man’s gold is another man’s crap [Time to check your mindset]

You may NOT want to hear this… but you most surely NEED to! Here it is: Your mindset is what will make you succeed or fail in this whole “IM thing” that we try to do… … and YOU are the reason you either fail or succeed. You can spend $7 every day buying someone […]

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I M Steve Chase Podcast FB Post Graphic

[IMSteveChase Podcast] Episode #5 – How To Avoid Failure Online

Did you get started online with the intention of failing? Probably not. But this is why you ARE failing. Do as I SAY and NOT as I DID. Click the Play Button Below To Start Listening:

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Portrait of an exhausted businessman covering his head with his laptop

The Reason Why You Can’t Keep It In Your Pants…

And before you start thinking that I’m going off the deep end and taking this post into some dark corner of perversion, stop! I’m talking about your wallet. At least your metaphorical wallet. Because chances are, when you buy stuff online, you are either using a credit card or a paypal account or maybe even […]

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Most Internet Marketers Get It Wrong From the Get-Go

Most people who get into internet marketing get it wrong, really wrong.  And you are probably one of those people.  I say this to get you to think about what you do, and not to imply that I’m any better than you, because to be honest, my own business suffers when I decide to “do […]

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